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✚ Same Day Placement

Same-day placement

Our free, 24-hour helpline means you or your loved one can be in treatment today, often within a few hours. We offer access to the best treatment centers in the U.S. through our caring and experienced admissions coordinators. They will listen to your needs and find the best fit so you can start your path to recovery immediately.


✚ Help You Can Afford

You can afford the help you need

Getting help with recovery doesn't need to cost a lot. We work with all major insurance plans to help you find the care you need at a price you can afford. Call us anytime, day or night, for a free insurance verification. Have your insurance card ready and we'll take you through the steps. Don't let fear of the cost keep you from recovery.



✚ Accessible Treatment

Help doesn’t need to be far away

If you're going to focus on your rehab and recovery, you need a place that lets you feel safe, staffed by understanding professionals you can trust. We can help you find a treatment center nearby, or recommend one that’s away from your current environment. We can help you determine what’s best for you and your recovery.


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Do I Need Detox?

Should you consider detox?

When you call LyfeBack, an experienced admissions coordinator will determine if we should recommend a medically supervised detoxification program before you enter treatment. Depending on the circumstances and experience of your addiction, detox could make your treatment more successful and longer-lasting, and ease the discomfort — even danger — associated with some kinds of withdrawal.

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Police Rehab

Help For First Responders

Are you a first responder?

We know that putting the health and safety of others ahead of your own can take a toll. We understand you may have concerns about entering an addiction treatment facility. And we know your job comes with its own challenges for your continued sobriety. We want you to know you're not alone, and we can help.

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Welcome to Lyfeback!

This is LyfeBack.We can help you change your life with admission to a recovery program in one of America's top treatment facilities. Here's how:


When you call our free, 24/7 helpline, you'll speak with a trained admissions coordinator who will listen to you and determine your needs. We'll recommend a treatment plan customized for you that maximizes your chances of a successful recovery. Then we'll enroll you in a treatment center that will follow through on your plan.


The treatment centers we recommend are some of the most respected in the U.S. We select them because they can provide you with help that is safe, understanding and confidential, offered by expert staff who care about your recovery as much as we do.

You know whats it's like to struggle with addiction, or with an addicted loved one. Now find out what life is like clean and addiction free. Call Now, Day or Night:

Why Choose Lyfeback?

Nationally Recognized Treatment Programs

Drug Rehab Help

Only the best treatment programs, chosen with you in mind


People become addicted in different ways, and their paths to recovery can be different, too. Our admissions coordinators are experts in matching you with the treatment program that offers you your best chance for success.


For a rehab center to receive LyfeBack's recommendation, it must be highly rated and accredited, staffed by medical and behavioral professionals at the top of their field and the forefront of the most successful trends in recovery research.


The same is true for our admissions coordinators. They are successful at helping you be successful by getting to know you and your struggles with addiction, then charting a course to recovery specifically for you.

  • They are successful because they understand addiction, and they will help you understand yours — your first step to conquering it.

Our Approach

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How LyfeBack Works

Most of the people who call us don't know what else to do. Nothing they've tried has helped them get their addiction under control. They don't know where to turn for help.


When you call LyfeBack, you'll immediately be connected to someone who knows what that feels like. Most of our admissions coordinators were once addicts like you or your loved one. They know what you're feeling because they felt it themselves. They know what your family is going through because their families went through it, too.


Your admissions coordinator will ask you some questions — just talk to you and get to know you and your situation, and help you understand the underlying causes of your addiction — then give you a free, confidential assessment.


Based on that conversation and assessment, your admissions coordinator will explain your options and recommend a path of treatment. That path may include a treatment center that specializes in your specific addiction, and take into account your location, your family responsibilities, insurance options and your budget.

It also takes into account your feelings and wishes. If you care enough to call us, we care enough to help you find the treatment that will make you successful and satisfied with the solution.

We know addiction is complicated and we know the solution is as simple as a phone call. Call Now, Day or Night:

The treatment options we offer, based on your specific needs, may include:

  • Medically supervised detoxification

  • Intensive outpatient treatment

  • Residential treatment near your home

  • Residential treatment away from your current environment

  • Alternative therapies

  • Faith-based programs

Your experienced admissions coordinator will guide you in selecting the options that give you the best chance for recovery.


We know you became addicted over time. We also know it takes time to recover. But in recovery, time heals. We'll help you find the time to heal.

We're waiting for your call. Call Now, Day or Night:


Start Healing Now

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We can check your policy to help you determine which Detox and Treatment programs it will cover. Grab your insurance card and give us a call! We can often help get you the treatment you need at the lowest out of pocket cost. Get a Free Insurance Verification Online

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