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Addiction Treatment

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Why Should You Go to Addiction Treatment and Not Just Detox?

Why addiction treatment? Why not just detox?


Detox can be important. It can even be life-saving. But it's only a first step. Detox will help you clean a substance out of your system, but it won't help you stay clean. You know what that's like. You or a loved one may have tried over and over to manage an addiction, even with detox, and always ended up back where you started. Or worse.


The difference between detox and treatment is the difference between getting clean and staying clean. If you want a long-term recovery from your addiction, the numbers say you should consider treatment:

  • Your chances of relapse are 50 percent higher if you choose detox without treatment.

  • One-third of people who complete addiction treatment programs and stay clean for six months will still be clean years later.

  • Seven of 10 people in treatment programs say they make breakthroughs that help them understand the underlying causes of addiction.

  • Two-thirds of people who enter treatment and consider themselves unemployable because of their addiction find employment within a month of completing a program.


The fact that you're reading this means you're at a crossroads. You think you might have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. That's no small step. Be proud of it.

Now take the next step.

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What Are the Benefits That Addiction Treatment Programs Have to Offer?


Benefits of addiction treatment programs



Medical care and supervision

Depending on the circumstances and length of your addiction, giving up your substance of choice can be risky. Your body has become physically dependent on it, and detoxifying from that substance safely may require the supervision of medical professionals. A program that provides doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners can help you through the detox process and allow you to proceed on to rehabilitation.


Safe surroundings

If you're going to focus on your rehab and recovery, you need a place that lets you feel safe, staffed by understanding professionals you can trust. Being in that calm, healing environment frees you to focus on the process of recovery; learning about the causes of your addiction and how to manage them.


Counseling and therapy

Successful rehab and recovery means understanding addiction and learning why it's a problem for you. It means finding solutions that you might not be able to find on your own. Just as you'll have access to medical professionals in a treatment center, so will you be able to benefit from working with behavioral therapists; psychologists and psychiatrists, primary and group therapists, and mental health clinicians. They understand the roots of addiction, and they can help you understand your own circumstances. They will also be able to determine if you are among the 50 percent of addicted people who suffer from depression or anxiety, and help you with another challenge that might otherwise hinder your recovery.



Once you leave a treatment program, you may be returning to the environment where you became addicted to begin with. That can be a challenge for the newly recovered, but it will be manageable if you take along the insights and strategies you learned in your rehab program. That's what aftercare does. It reinforces the concepts and practices that helped you get clean so they become part of your everyday life no matter where you are. You can access aftercare through networks affiliated with a treatment center including alumni groups, and through regular check-ins with staff members who genuinely care about your progress. Most centers offer several aftercare choices, because research shows that the longer you are in contact with the center and the program that helped you get clean, the more successful your recovery will be.

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