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Alcohol and Bipolar Disorder Treatment

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Talk with Someone who Understands Alcohol and Bipolar Disorder

You know how difficult it can be to explain the ups and downs of your bipolar disorder to someone who hasn’t experienced it. It’s almost impossible to get them to understand.


We understand. Some of our admissions coordinators have been exactly where you are right now: bipolar and addicted. And all of them have worked with people like you to help them get past their bipolar disorder so they can work on their addiction.


When you call our 24/7 helpline, one of our professionals will ask you some questions and get to know you, and help you find a treatment center that specializes in the mix of alcohol and bipolar disorder. They’ll also help you explore the lowest-priced options, work with your insurance company on your behalf (free of charge), and in many cases get you admitted to treatment the same day you call.

Let us answer your questions about dual-diagnosis treatment.
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Risk and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Everyone has moods. That’s normal. Bipolar disorder is different. It causes enormous mood swings that control, even ruin your life. You might be bipolar if you experience:

  • Huge, unexplainable mood swings

  • Sudden moments of inappropriate excitement or euphoria

  • Loss of sleep

  • Severe, lasting depression

  • Difficulty in convincing yourself to get out of bed

  • Feeling frantic that you have to get “a million” things done


If you have bipolar disorder and are also addicted to alcohol, that’s called a dual-diagnosis. And it makes it even more important that you get help right away.

Alcohol Combined with Bipolar Disorder

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Being bipolar means you can feel on top of the world or as low as you can be, and you can jump from one to the other without any warning. The danger of adding alcohol to either of those extremes is that it really does feel as if it helps. In your manic phase, drinking seems to make everything more fun. In the depressive phase, it helps numb you against the depression.


But while it may seem to help you, alcohol actually makes the mood swings worse. The chemistry of your brain, already out of balance due to bipolar disorder, is further altered by alcohol’s depressant effects. There’s no longer any “normal” for your moods. It’s like trying to find a location on a map when someone erased all the street names. The mood swings are worse because there’s no middle between the highs and lows. And that makes you want to drink more.


You bipolar disorder also increases your risk of alcohol relapse. As you start to get your mood swings under control with the help of medication, for a while you’ll feel as if your emotions have gone flat. Some people find themselves turning back to alcohol so they can “feel” something again.


Same-day placement

LyfeBack can recommend a highly respected dual-diagnosis treatment center and get you admitted the same day you call us. Our admissions coordinators are ready for your call 24/7.

Alcohol Effects the Brain Chemistry

The combination of bipolar disorder and alcoholism is particularly troubling because alcohol tends to make mood swings worse. While it feels as though it is helping, it is throwing your brain chemistry even more out of balance. Normalcy of any sort is difficult to find. Often alcohol is used because the medications offered for bipolar disorder completely flatten the emotions of the individual and alcohol allows you the opportunity to feel again. This feeds the alcohol addiction and makes it worse.

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What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Why Is It Important

Alcohol Addiction and Bipolar Disorder Treatment - Lyfeback. Woman with hands held in the air in front of blue sky and ocean.Is important to address bipolar disorder while treating alcoholism to successfully quit drinking. By honestly addressing your bipolar tendencies your need to drink will decrease. While the alcohol addiction still needs to be treated, treating the root cause makes long term sobriety much more likely. If you don’t address the underlying cause, you will probably find yourself drinking again when you hit a bad patch or if your mood swings a great deal in one direction or the other. By learning other coping mechanisms and finding a way to understand and cope with your bipolar nature you can release yourself from the chains of alcohol.

In dual diagnosis treatment, the goal is to get you back to normal. While your bipolar disorder is not curable, there are many things you can use to help you reign in the drastic mood variations. From focused meditation to therapy to healthy hobbies you will find by refocusing your energy you will feel better about yourself. While it is likely, you will still require medication to deal with the bipolar aspect of your personality you can increase your endorphins and increase your serotonin levels in a way that will make your life more enjoyable. In dual diagnosis treatment, the focus is on complete healing rather than just addressing the symptoms of the disorder.

Background on Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder often runs in families and can be difficult to recognize. It is a scary term for something that is quite common. Once you have acknowledged your need for help getting the proper therapy is key. Finding the right combination of medications can be difficult and is made more complicated if you are self-medicating with alcohol.

Same Day Placement in Treatment

You should seek alcohol addiction treatment immediately. The sooner you begin to get help the sooner you will find yourself in balance and on your way to recovery. There is no reason to wait, the phone call is the hardest part. Once you get moving down your path to healthy living you will find each step gets a little easier.

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