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Alcohol Rehab

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Break the Cycle of Alcohol Addiction

Break the cycle of alcohol abuse with a free phone call

We understand addiction can feel hopeless. People can try over and over to manage their drinking and always end up back where they started. Or worse.


If you or a loved one is struggling in that cycle of alcohol abuse, we can connect you with rehabilitation centers that have proven records of successful recovery and saving lives.


All you have to do is call, anytime day or night, to talk to an experienced, caring admissions coordinator who will help you explore your inpatient alcohol rehab options.

Learn about the alcohol rehab option that's right for you:


Every rehab center we work with offers:

  • Proven high rates of success

  • Caring, professional staff

  • Treatment personalized to you

  • Group or one-on-one therapy sessions

  • Beautiful locations

  • Aftercare programs for relapse prevention


People are different. So are the underlying causes of addiction. We choose rehab centers that recognize those differences and can use them to create recovery programs tailored to you or your loved one.


Here's what you can expect from our centers:

  • Custom treatment plans

  • Luxury accommodations

  • Healthy meals

  • Round-the-clock medical care available

  • Expert, caring staff


Same-day placement

Once you decide on a rehab center, you can be admitted the same day you call us. And you can call us day or night.

Call Our 24/7 Free Helpline and get admitted to rehab same day:


When you call us, you'll be talking to an admissions coordinator who knows what you're feeling, because most of them were once addicts themselves. They will listen to you, ask a few questions, match you with top-rated rehab centers and treatment programs — many of them covered by health insurance — and help you choose the one that offers you the best chance for successful, long-term recovery.


LyfeBack will help you or your loved one start a path toward successful recovery, leaving addiction behind.

That path starts with a phone call.

We're ready to help you with your alcohol addiction now. Call day or night:


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Get Alcohol Rehab Help. Call Our 24/7 Free Hotline : 1-800-266-6470