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Do I Need to Go to Detox to Escape Methadone Addiction

How residential methadone detox can help you.


Methadone has been a life-changing drug for many opiate addicts. But it's easy to forget that methadone is itself a powerful opiate, and while it may help users give up heroin and other drugs, methadone has the same risks of dependence and withdrawal.


In fact, if you're addicted to methadone, you may experience more unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal than you might with another opiate. These symptoms can include:

  • Intense craving

  • Intense anxiety, agitation, paranoia

  • Sudden mood swings, depression

  • Delusional thinking

  • Low energy

  • Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • High blood pressure, rapid pulse

  • “Restless leg” syndrome


You may experience these symptoms at a time when you're most vulnerable to relapse: when you've just decided to give up methadone, but you're still in the surroundings that made it easy to abuse a drug that at one time was actually prescribed to help you.


A residential treatment program can help you through that vulnerable time. Expert medical and counseling supervision can ease your withdrawal symptoms and allow you to proceed to the next step: recovery.


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Methadone risks

Supervised methadone replacement therapy is a proven method for treating addiction to other opiates including heroin. But methadone is also an opiate, with its own risks for dependence and abuse. Successful therapeutic use requires gradual reduction of the dosage, and as the drug is phased out you may find you miss the pleasant opioid sensations your body remembers. Many methadone patients look for ways to keep their dosage high, or even begin mixing their methadone with other opiates. As a result, methadone withdrawal can end up being as complicated and risky as heroin withdrawal would have been.


If you started using methadone as a therapy for treating another opiate addiction, then became addicted, you don't want to risk your commitment to quit by not being prepared for the withdrawal symptoms. When you choose a center that offers medically assisted detox, the doctors and counselors there will help you prepare for and manage the symptoms of withdrawal. They'll help you maintain your commitment to choosing a free life over an addicted one.


We can help you choose a methadone detox center

Many people who give up methadone experience similar withdrawal symptoms. But that doesn't mean all users are alike. Your history of addiction — how much you use and for how long — means you may experience withdrawal differently. So does the way you look at your addiction and your hopes for recovery. When LyfeBack recommends a detox center to you, you'll be introduced to medical and counseling professionals who take the time to get to know you and your needs, and tailor a detox program to you, maximizing your potential for success and minimizing the negative effects.


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